Grey Tower Heights


Grey Tower Heights was born as a solo project, following a long career of collaboration. Drawing on themes of lost love, fragility and our tenuous sense of self, the songs are steeped in melancholy. Piano driven, lyrically dark and narrative in nature, these songs are lifted by haunting vocals and complex harmonies. Taking inspiration from artists such as Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave, Grey Tower Heights shines a light on the darkness that exists in us all.

I Don't Know Your Name

Exploring identity, sexuality and the human desire to be seen, a grinding bass sits beneath a haunting vocal. The insistent melody compels the listener to question who we are and what we reveal of ourselves to the world. 


Press / Reviews

This outing is a polished and impressive affair, yet the kookiness remains, the endearing eccentricities and the mesmerising musical compositions. 

The vocals are emotive and the accompanying music perfectly balanced to carry the beautifully sung lyrics.