Our Story

Grey Tower Heights is home to the outcasts.

To those that live in the shadows, at the edges of what we can see.

Take a moment.

Sit awhile and you'll hear their voices.

Strange tales of lost love, other worlds and the human spirit.

There is always a story to be found in Grey Tower Heights - will you stay and listen?

I Don't Know Your Name - The Film

Our Sound

Opulent pianos and haunting vocals are at our heart,

a rich velvet quilt on a hard wooden bed. 

Don't be fooled into comfort.

Insistent melodies and lilting strings may draw your gaze from the shadows.

But don't look too closely,

you may not like what you find.

You'll meet many characters in Grey Tower Heights and hear many tales - are you ready to listen?


Worse Fears - Out on February 8th

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