The story behind the name

Lyrics are always the driving force in my songwriting - creating characters and telling tales are my raison d'être. I suppose one of the things that give us the urge to write stories is the chance to try out a life that isn't ours, and to experience emotions that belong to someone else. When I began devising this project, I realised that I wanted the name to be part of the work.

I began imagining a place that was home to my little cast of characters and their lives. Grey Tower Heights is a dilapidated mansion block where Rita drinks through her memories in her squalid bedsit: the house by the sea that lures couples into a life of retired bitterness: the white walled room where we sit in silence and wait for dawn. Grey Tower Heights exists for all of us - sometimes it's a place of comfort, at others, it's the door that you're compelled to open, even though you're terrified of what's on the other side. 

So there it is. The story behind Grey Tower Heights. I do hope you'll come and visit 🖤