Me, Myself and I

Finding my way into a solo project has been a slow burner for me. After years of writing and gigging with others, it was time to really explore what I could do as an artist in my own right, with all creative decisions falling to me, and me alone. Putting that on paper makes this seem so straightforward. It's just writing a bunch of songs, recording them and releasing them, right? This is not new to me - I've been here many times before. What has really surprised me is the vulnerability that I've felt in going through this process alone. It's hard for any artist to share their work - we are, after all, exposing our seedy, secret inner world - but I hadn't before appreciated how watered down these feelings are when you are part of a collective. I guess, if everyone shits on it, you're all getting shat on, and being collectively shat on is better than being shat on alone. What a delightful analogy!  

So, here I am, on the precipice of my first solo release. How do I feel? Absolutely fucking terrified...but...I really believe in the work and I know I've created something worthwhile. 🖤